SIMGUN Professional

SIMGUN Professional

Knowledge and experience protects lives. Collect experiences and feel it on your own body, those are the objectives of tactical training. Every situation is different, every moment requires split-second decisions. Good training combined with personal experience leads to success, saves lives and protects your own life too. We learn from the consequences of our behaviour.

Every action, every act has its consequences. The more impressive these are, the stronger these experiences become rooted in our subconscious mind, thereby changing behavioural patterns. Therefore, in order to attain effective training results, it is absolutely necessary to operate as closely to reality as possible. Incorrect behaviour will have immediate, impressive results.

With the DS100 duel simulator, SIMGUN offers a system which causes trainees to immediately feel the consequences of his actions on his own body.

We learn from consequences. SIMGUN turns training into experience which can save life.

From close-quarter situations to CQB with pistols, fighting with long weapons to snipers at 500 meter range, you can create any scenario, in any weather, on any terrain.

SIMGUN is highly precise, efficient, upgradable, uncomplicated to use and cost-efficient.

SIMGUN offers immediate, clear hit recognition with highest precision.

SIMGUN is a one-stop solution for effective, realistic training.