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Lasertag is a game which makes laser duel simulation technology fun for a large user community. It’s so-called “cops and robbers” at a high-tech level. Laser parks all over the world offer this game possibility with varying possibilities to a growing number of customers.

The LASERGAMERZONE in Zürich (Switzerland) was the first park in the world to solely use SIMGUN. We wanted to know about their experiences with SIMGUN.

LASERGAMEZONE uses SIMGUN as their gaming system. Why?

LASERGAMEZONE: In the evaluation phase, we compared a number of laser tag systems based on laser technology. SIMGUN was the only modular system. It allows us to install laser on any number of “weapons”, which has the following advantages.

– Systems and weapons are independent from one another. We can purchase weapons for outdoor games in any airsoft shop. The guarantee for the weapons runs via a local airsoft supplier.

– Thanks to this independence, we are able to offer all known weapons.

– Our customers can bring their own airsoft weapons to our events. Then we only need to install the laser unit on site. This possibility has meant that we have a new client base.

– Furthermore, the SIMGUN system is approved by the authorities and ideal for training with marker ammunition. Officially approved equipment is attractive and is positive for our image.


The SIMGUN laser is very precise and has an extremely high range. The equipment can sustain extreme strain. SIMGUN works faultlessly and therefore it is very popular with our customers.

What are the main advantages of the SIMGUN system for you?

LASERGAMEZONE: The SIMGUN laser is very precise and has an extremely high range. The equipment functions well under extreme conditions. Various tests – in pouring rain, at hot and minus temperatures – were all positive. And important for us too: it is easy to reach the SIMGUN hotline.


How do visitors to the Lasergamezone cope with the SIMGUN system?

LASERGAMEZONE: The system functions faultlessly and that is why it is very popular with our customers. In the meantime, we now have a large customer base who bring their own weapons. The range and large choice of weapons make it particularly popular.


Which “weapons” do you combine with SIMGUN?

LASERGAMEZONE: We offer replica weapons from US, German and Swiss special units, as well as AEGs and GBBRs.

Would you recommend SIMGUN to others?

LASERGAMEZONE: Yes, we definitely do.


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