SIMGUN is a modern duel simulator with range of 1,000 meters and guarantees a secure. We asked Patrick Riedesser, the director of SIMGUN, about what this state of the art training tool can do.

The company is called SIMGUN. What does the “Gun” in SIMGUN simulate?

Patrick Riedesser: SIMGUN simulates, as the name says, a gun or a shot from gun. SIMGUN is not only a shooting simulation, it’s a complete add-on system for combat simulation. It can be combined with real weapons, airsoft and paintball.

Inspired by training systems such as Miles, Saab or Rheinmetall, SIMGUN is a professional tool, which was developed for both official and private use. SIMGUN increases experience. SIMGUN’s range and precision require trainees/ players to employ skills which are otherwise rarely used. Everyone who has tried the system has been thrilled.


What does your system have to do with airsoft guns and how does it surpass Airsoft guns?

Patrick Riedesser: From the beginning it was clear to us that we didn’t want SIMGUN to be limited to one particular weapon model. Therefore it was one of our aims to create a small, light and universally placeable add-on product. The airsoft market offers us and the players the opportunity to employ numerous realistic models and to experience scenarios in different ways.

Role play with airsofts and BBs is also a kind of simulation. And every kind of simulation has advantages and disadvantages. Here, we always hear about two big disadvantages: the unrealistic range and the problem with the highlanders. SIMGUN eliminates both problems. With its precise 1.000 m range and precise strike identification and immediate system cut-out, SIMGUN does not have these problems.

SIMGUN Laser Unit neu

Is it possible to play SIMGUN anywhere? Is there a possibility to test SIMGUN or are there any team packages?

Patrick Riedesser: At the moment we have four official game providers in Germany, Italy and Switzerland (links are HERE). It will be available in France, Spain and Belgium soon. More and more Airsoft teams have found out about us and have decided to use SIMGUN as an alternative to their previous game. If you would like to test SIMGUN, then just send us an email. We will be happy to create a tailor-made offer for your team.

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