SIMGUN Body-Central-Unit

Body Central Unit

The SIMGUN Body Central Unit is the communication center for the entire SIMGUN System. It is in permanent wireless communication with the Head Unit and up to three Laser Units. The Body Central Unit has an optimum fit and is adjustable in size.

The strong Cordura on the outside and the comfortable net mesh on the inside are perfect materials as they are robust, as is required for an outdoor product, however can provide sufficient comfort.

It is easy to combine SIMGUN Body-Central-Unit with a tactical vest.


  • Ergonomically shaped for maximum wearing comfort
  • Adjustable to body size
  • High quality Cordura®
  • Cooling net-mesh
  • Hits indicated by light / sound / vibration
  • 360 degree hit field
  • Adjustable number of shots that lead to a “kill”
  • Works with 3 standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • Supports up to three Laser-Units