SIMGUN Base-Station


You will need a SIMGUN Base Station for computer evaluation if you use the SIMGUN DS100 LDC System.

It records all Events during a game (hits, kills, etc.) when using the DS100 LDC System. The data is then displayed on the computer using special software. This then produces a ranking list with diverse statistics. Additionally, further settings can be adjusted using the base station, which expands the possibilities for various training or game modes.

The base station is connected to the computer via USB with radio link between the computer and the individual players. The high performance antennas provide a range of up to 10 kilometres to monitor the entire game field (subject to clear visibility).

Only with DS100 LDC System to use.


  • Software guarantees total gameplay control
  • Real time event display
  • Complete after-game evaluation on PC
  • Wireless connection range up to 10km (6,2 mi)
  • Diverse modes for various scenarios
  • Score by points, hits or kills
  • Friendly fire evaluation